Upper Echelon Lux Beauty Is A Strong Black Owned Business That Has Worked Hard To Overcome The Obstacles The Pandemic Posed To Continue To Provide Great Services

Upper Echelon Lux Beauty Is A Strong Black Owned Business That Has Worked Hard To Overcome The Obstacles The Pandemic Posed To Continue To Provide Great Services

Looking for a good place to cut your hair and support a black owned business? Look no further than Upper Echelon Luxury Beauty. This business, although started very recently, has a powerful story of growth and resilience through the hard hit times of 2020. They have an amazing business that caters to numerous different types of hair and they want to help give you the best hair look you have ever had.

“Upper Echelon Lux Beauty is a black owned hair company founded in 2016. This company has over 20,000 loyal customers and has made over 600K each year for the last 4 years selling quality hair extensions. Upper Echelon Lux Beauty also known as UELB, caters to women who want to look and feel beautiful by offering the highest grade of hair on the market,” The creators of Upper Echelon Lux Beauty explain.

UELB was started just four years ago but has grown astronomically since then. However, that is not their only claim to fame. In addition to being their own business with their own supportive clientele, they are also a great name in the extension business and help other salons in that way.

“This company was started 4 years ago. This brand is a vendor for other big hair extension companies and salons. This company caters to over 1000 hair companies across the globe while also maintaining its own loyal group of customers,” The UELB creators state.

While the company has struggled some to get their foot in the door and during the pandemic, their loyal customers have kept returning as well as bringing new people in the door with them. This is what UELB is most proud of. They have built a base of people who they not only think as customers returning for business, but friends who have helped them through their toughest of times. 

“The biggest challenge by far was our business running during a pandemic and trying to survive with so many closures on products. We had many products with shipping times in 2020. It was the hardest thing ever not being able to be fast with shipping during a pandemic. But our motivation stayed consistent throughout it all: The motivation for this business was wanting all women to feel beauty in luxury hair extensions,” the UELB owners remark.

UELB’s advice for those wishing to start their own business just like they did is to have a proper mindset and to never give up no matter what obstacle is thrown their way. When times get tough, the tough get going and that is what the creators say is necessary, particularly when you are faced with an obstacle like a pandemic in which you cannot plan for.

“Mindset is 100% the most important thing because you have to mentally prepare for everything that comes with business. Starting a business is not an easy process, please never give up,” the UELB team advises.

For the next year and more years to come, UELB has big plans to ensure that their business continues to grow and thrive. Their resiliency has paid off and now, they are ready to get on track to expand their business in the new year with new customers and much more.

Our goal is to remain consistent through 2020 and make many more loyal customers. We are going to be launching new products and merch in the coming months,” the EULB founders say.

To find out more about this amazing company, follow them on instagram here and check out their website here.

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