Usman Ashraf Thought Medical School Was For Him. He Realized This Was Not His Dream And Changed His Path Entirely

Usman Ashraf Thought Medical School Was For Him. He Realized This Was Not His Dream And Changed His Path Entirely

From medical student to trader, this is the story of Usman Ashraf. He had a bigger goal that was eventually realized through this path: he wanted to achieve financial independence and success for him and his family while helping others along the way.

“I dropped out of Medical school a year before I was going to graduate so I could make a career in trading stocks. I put a lot on the line because of my growing interest in the stock market. My goal was to gain financial freedom and a setup doing something I enjoyed, something that I was passionate about and also use to help others be profitable. For me, It wasn’t just about me but also about those around me like my family members and those I didn’t personally know,” Usman recounts.

When he began medical school, Usman thought it was his dream. He quickly realized that he was fulfilling someone else’s expectations of him instead of his own dreams and desires. He knew from that moment on that he needed to change his path.

“During my fourth year of medical school, I really began to re-evaluate where I was headed and if this was really the path for me. I was in med school primarily to fulfill my parents wish and never really questioned if this was truly what i wanted for myself. I saw how some of my friends who graduated were having an extremely difficult time finding a job and I realized that the “security” that one may think comes from having a degree just isn’t there. I was already in credit card debt of almost $60k and being in med school trying to get by wasn’t making it any easier. That’s when I decided to drop out of med school and focus on learning as much as I could on how to become a successful trader and acquire an income. At this point, my back was against the wall and I had to make trading work. I read as many trading books as I possibly could and just fed myself with constant knowledge doing my best to improve daily,” Usman states.

Now, Usman runs a trading business unlike many others. His goal is to provide a constructive relationship with his mentees to help them be successful and to be able to trade alongside each other to learn and grow.

“My business includes trading alongside my members in our trading community. I provide them as much insight and feedback as I can to help them improve on a daily basis and make good decisions. I do my best to educate them, especially those that are just starting off so they don’t make the newbie mistakes I had made. I want them to learn from my past experience to become better traders while I advance through my own trading journey. We have a members group chat in which we all work together to share information and focus on excelling together, making sure we make logical trading decisions. I also host multiple webinars online where they can ask any questions they may have along with providing tips on how to prepare for the upcoming trading week,” Usman explains.

Usman is using his story and success to help inspire others to change their life situation no matter what is going on in their day to day lives. Just because your life is headed down one particular path doesn’t mean it has to stay that way.

“I would like to tell people that you don’t have to have the same past as me to be where I am. Regardless of where you are starting from, you can have a future like mine.To me, trading seemed fairly easy at first but when you really start learning you realize it’s more complex and requires you to think a lot and be able to ignore outside factors and distractions. I failed many many times before I started having Green Day’s in trading. Even now, there are some bad days where a trade doesn’t go as I predicted but that’s another opportunity for you to learn and avoid the same mistake next time,” Usman remarks.

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