Walter Weekes, Known As Freshprinceceo, Created A Much Needed Business To Offer People Advice On Business And Lifestyle Tips To Better Their Lives

Walter Weekes, Known As Freshprinceceo, Created A Much Needed Business To Offer People Advice On Business And Lifestyle Tips To Better Their Lives

Walter Weekes is the definition of the American dream. He thought often about moving to the U.S. to pursue his dream. Though he struggled a bit at the beginning, he was able to make his dream a reality by finding a niche that worked for him and pursuing it. 

“My name is Walter Weekes, better known as Freshprinceceo, and I always knew I was destined for greatness. From growing up on the small island of Barbados, I had a dream to immigrate to the US and live the American dream. 

After moving to Miami, the struggle of finding a job, finding a girl, and finding a business that fulfilled my purpose and helped me acquire skills to better myself to attract rather than chase,” Freshprinceceo explains.

Freshprinceceo created his business when he realized that there were many men in the dating world who could use his help. With so many sites offering advice, help, and ways to connect to others, there is a lot of noise that can confuse people on the best way to proceed. Freshprinceceo wanted to cut through this noise. Not only does he offer sage advice for helping people make real connections, but he also helps with businesses and creating an image for yourself.

“I run a self improvement business where I teach men about business, branding, dating and lifestyle so they can also become a high value man. A high value man is a man who is no longer controlled by emotions, finances, or other’s opinions. They are skilled in their profession and live life on their terms and their value is determined by others not themselves.

When I started getting dm’s and emails asking for help how to do better in life, how to get a girl and how to live a good lifestyle it dawned on me there are many men in today’s marketplace struggling with being a better man for his family, lover and more importantly himself.

After seeing the problem men have with women, and finding my own purpose, it made me realize I have a lot to offer,” Freshprinceceo recounts.

Freshprinceceo runs a business that is incredibly client centric. He is very different from others in his business because he is focused on real progress and real results. He is motivated by his want to help people and not just run a successful business.

“No one in our industry adds more value then the Freshandfit team and as much in game advice. Currently the advice we deliver to our clients we live right now and continually improve. We do multiple zoom calls for clients, we have a 24/7 telegram chat for our top tier clients. Also we have been able to network with celebrities, youtube stars and influencers all around the world,” Freshprinceceo says.

For those thinking about starting their own business Freshprinceceo has a few pieces of advice for you to ensure that you are as successful as he is. He wants to let them all know that everyone will have bad days, but this does not define your career.

“Trust and believe any person starting a business will have bad days and getting past those bad days separate the successful from the unsuccessful. I also encourage new entrepreneurs to be patient. Good things take time, and this is no different in business. Time and patience is needed for a successful business to gain traction, and entrepreneurs may not see success right away. While waiting, I tell my clients to focus their efforts on marketing their self-image,” Freshprinceceo advises.

To find out more about Freshprinceceo, you can check him out on instagram here.

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